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  • Simple ESG reporting templates that will save you hours
  • Stay ahead of peer and investor expectations with robust analytics
  • ESG data collection and workflow optimization
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We are here to make ESG easy for companies

Environmental, Social and Governance [ESG] is one of the fastest growing trends in finance and is transforming how companies need to communicate. It has become necessary for companies to adequately communicate their ESG performance to stakeholders ranging from investors and regulators to clients and employees.

Our software makes it easy for companies to stay on top of their evolving ESG needs. From writing your first report to conducting peer analysis.
Our partnership with shareaction

Respond to the Workforce Disclosure Initiative with us

Nossa Data is the official technology partner for ShareAction's Workforce Disclosure Initiative (WDI) in 2021. Join the hundreds of companies who are using Nossa Data to submit their 2021 response to the initiative.
What we do

One platform, everything you need to stay on top of ESG

Benefits of working with us

Our workflow optimization tools bring all of your quantitative and qualitative ESG information into a
single place.
Our AI software will pull your ESG datasets and match your answers to the top ESG frameworks such as SASB, TCFD, GRI and more.
We provide you robust analytics to understand your ESG positioning compared to your key peers and your industry.
We will highlight to you how you can improve your answers year over year and effectively communicate to key stakeholders.
Who do we work with?
Public companies
Simplify how you communicate your ESG information to investors, rating agencies and other stakeholders.
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Private companies
Improve your competitive ESG positioning and ability to attract capital.
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Improve your corporate ESG practices

Capturing ESG data creates value across your organization from investor relations and procurement to risk and compliance. Accelerate your ESG ranking among investors and reduce your Environmental Risk Rating. Improving on ESG data will increase brand resonance and enhance enterprise value.
HOW we build

ESG is a journey and it happens through collaboration

ESG is a new and evolving need for most businesses. Companies need to collaborate across departments to collect their ESG data and as a technology company we believe in collaborating with our clients to make sure Nossa Data is a solution you love.