Our Vision

To show the world how companies interact with people and the planet

Nossa Data is revolutionising ESG data management and analytics with the aim to become a global leader in providing environmental, social and governance [ESG] technology. Nossa Data was founded by a team that is collectively driven by a core belief that companies need to adequately measure and improve their ESG performance in order to outperform in the long run.
Our Story

We started in March 2020, when the world entered lockdown.

Nossa Data was started right at the moment the world entered lockdown for the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. When uncertainty hit the whole world we worried if ESG would remain on the top of the agenda for companies. What we found was a global pandemic increased the need to understand the impact of environmental, social and governance risks more than ever before.

Companies are getting put under a magnifying glass on everything from environmental impact, employee health and cyber security to their supply chain. ESG performance has a big impact on how a company is perceived by investors, regulators employees and more. However, we did not see a tool available for companies that adequately helps them with gathering and reporting their ESG information efficiently. We decided to build this tool.

Our approach brings technology and artificial intelligence solutions to the entire ESG process for companies. We are building it with a team of experts from the world of ESG, institutional investment, enterprise technology and start-ups.

Our Values

The values that drive how we work with clients, employees, investors and more


ESG touches on some of the most sensitive topics of a business. From our cybersecurity processes to how we structure our contracts - we are someone you can trust.


There is an alphabet soup of ESG terminology and expectations are constantly changing for companies. Our product and our team act as educators.


ESG will only be successful if we work together. We want to be seen as collaborators with everyone we do business with.