Nossa Data Use Cases

From navigating evolving regulations and benchmarking against industry peers, to seamlessly integrating across ESG dimensions and leveraging AI-driven data extraction, Nossa Data is your comprehensive ESG Reporting solution
Annual Reporting
Efficiently compile and present your yearly ESG achievements and milestones, ensuring transparency and clarity for all stakeholders
Regulatory Compliance
Navigate the evolving landscape of ESG regulations with ease, ensuring you remain compliant and ahead of legislative shifts
Rating Tracking
Monitor your ESG ratings in-real time, keeping on top of performance metrics and industry benchmarks
Peer Benchmarking
Measure your ESG initiatives and disclosures against peers, identifying areas of strengths and opportunities for improvement
ESG Topic Alignment
Seamlessly align your disclosures across Environmental, Social, and Governance pillars
ESG Education
Empower your team with knowledge and insights into ESG best practices, driving informed decision-making
Stakeholder Analysis
Understand shareholder ESG expectations and sentiment, equipping yourself for ad-hoc questionnaires
Gap Analysis
Identify and address discrepancies in your ESG performance and reporting, ensuring a cohesive and comprehensive approach
Stakeholder Engagement
Collaborate on ESG disclosures and answers, engaging stakeholders in a unified platform to ensure consistent and comprehensive responses
AI Scraping
Harness the power of AI to efficiently extract and analyse vast amounts of ESG data, driving precision and speed in sights
Risk Management
Proactively identify and mitigate ESG-related risks,ensuring your business remains resilient in its sustainable strategies
AI Suggested Answers
Streamline your ESG responses with AI suggestions, optimising accuracy and alignment with industry best practices.

Why Nossa Data?

We reduce the complexities of ESG Reporting


Stay ahead of the ever-evolving ESG regulatory landscape with Nossa Data. We ensure we support the most up-to-date guidelines, and provide expert guidance on global standards and mandates, ensuring your company remains compliant, transparent, and ahead of potential risks.

Annual Reporting

We support you in preparing key annual report data such as GRI or SASB indexes as fast as possible. We know what best practice disclosure looks like.

End-to-end Reporting

Experience hassle-free ESG reporting. Our users can submit directly to key ESG standards such as the CDP and EcoVadis, or generate reports for the likes of GRI and SASB, saving time, reducing errors, and enhancing the quality of their ESG reporting.

Rating Agencies

Increase your ESG ratings. We provide insights and recommendations to improve your ESG performance and ratings, ensuring that your sustainability efforts do not go unrecognised.

AI-assisted Decisions

Leverage the power of AI to make informed and strategic ESG decisions. Our platform analyses vast amounts of data, providing actionable insights and recommendations to optimize your sustainability efforts.

No more juggling between platforms: get all your ESG reports and insights in one place.

Why clients love Nossa Data

David, Senior IR Manager ESG, Vodafone

[Nossa Data] has the same passion for ESG that we have within Vodafone and when you've got a like-minded partner, passionate people who are willing to learn and tackle new problems, and go out there and look for best practice, working together is easy.

Giorgia, ESG Manager, PensionBee

Nossa Data has deep knowledge across all kinds of ESG ratings like Refinitiv, and frameworks like SASB, which gets built into the tool and into our conversations. This knowledge also guided us in aligning our ESG topics with the UN SDGs,

Tamsin, ESG Manager, Accsys

Using an online data management platform like Nossa Data is helpful especially if it’s your first time working on SASB or GRI as it provides excellent best practice guidelines and allows you to draw inspiration from other leading companies.

Start streamlining your ESG process today