Nossa Data’s
Partnership with WDI

As the official platform provider for WDI, streamline your reports and submit directly with our integrated tools

WDI Overview

The Workforce Disclosure Initiative (WDI) aids investors and companies in assessing how well companies serve their workforce.

As of January 2024, the WDI is part of the Thomson Reuters Foundation (previously part of ShareAction).

What Partnership Means

WDI has been using Nossa Data’s ESG Reporting platform for three successive years, to best engage with companies and gather data as efficiently as possible. With the technology powered by Nossa Data, companies can efficiently and accurately report on their workforce metrics, while best learning where to improve upon their current practices.

Benefits of Reporting Through Nossa Data

Submit directly to Thomson Reuters Foundation
Per-question information and guidance
Integration with all your other ESG frameworks
AI-driven insights and suggested answers

Why Report to WDI?

The investment community and general public are both regularly looking to assess the treatment of employees across different organisations, while maintain a standardisation to reporting. With the WDI, the Thomson Reuters Foundation identifies the most material concerns and allows companies to best answer to shareholders and stakeholders.
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