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Our CDP Accreditation

Streamline your reports and submit effortlessly to CDP with our integrated tools
Nossa Data CDP Accreditation

CDP Overview

CDP is the gold standard for environmental reporting. With over 18,700 companies reporting to the CDP, its influence stretches globally, encouraging businesses to elevate their sustainability initiatives.

What Accreditation Means

As an accredited CDP provider, we help you stay up to date with any changes from the CDP and offer you the option to submit directly from our platform.

Benefits of Reporting Through Nossa Data

Precise data alignment with CDP requirements
Per-question information and guidance
Integration with all your other ESG frameworks
AI-driven insights and suggested answers

Why Report to CDP?

Engaging with CDP not only enhances your brand's credibility in the ESG space but also positions your business favourably among investors, stakeholders, and peers who value proactive environmental stewardship.

For an infographic with further details, check out our blog post here!
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