ESG Reporting Shouldn't Get in the Way of Your
Sustainability Efforts

Save time, foster teamwork, and elevate your sustainability efforts with Nossa Data

Start streamlining your ESG process today

Reporting Made Easy

Dive deep into the ESG landscape with precision. Access detailed insights across every ESG questionnaire, streamlining your reporting process.

Teamwork, Simplified

Empower your team to work together. With collaboration tools such as mass-assigning, status updates, and different user types, achieve your ESG objectives collectively.

Measurements Against the Best

Set your benchmarks with industry leaders in mind. Evaluate your ESG strategies and responses against top-performers and peers, gaining a competitive advantage.

AI Insights, Tailored for You

Elevate your ESG strategy with AI-backed insights. Experience data-driven recommendations tailored to your unique corporate profile.

Aggregated ESG Ratings

Consolidate your ESG standing in one panoramic view. Track ratings from key rating agencies, ensuring you’re always up to date and ahead of the curve.

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