ShareAction is using Nossa Data to continue to improve accountability around corporate workforce data.

ShareAction developed the Workforce Disclosure Initiative (WDI) to aid investors and companies in assessing how well companies serve their workforce. As a part of this partnership, ShareAction has been using Nossa Data’s technology for three successive years, to bestengage with companies and gather data as efficiently as possible. With the technology powered by Nossa Data, companies will be able to efficiently and accurately report on their workforce metrics, while best learning where to improve upon their current practices.

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How can I report to WDI using Nossa Data?

We’re proud to have contributed to the growth of the WDI through providing the technology to simplify the process of responding to the questionnaire, as well as an excellent level of customer support, with an average response time of 12 minutes in the 2021 WDI period.

If you are a company looking to demonstrate your ambition to supervise your workforce and would like a clear method of doing so, you can indicate your interest to the WDI, by clicking on the button below, This is also a way to test out the Nossa Data tool for your reporting needs!
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Organise your ESG data to report and identify actionable insights.

While the case to align with WDI and other ESG initiatives is clear, the requirement to take large amounts of fragmented data from around the company, to report and answer key questions, can be a difficult one to navigate. With simplified reporting templates, robust analytics around peers and shareholder analysis features, Nossa Data provides a platform to manage and plan all of your company’s ESG needs.

ShareAction helps companies send a strong signal about how they serve their workforce.

The investment community and general public are both regularly looking to assess the treatment of employees across different organisations. While many companies recognise the importance of disclosing information and improving upon their practices, there was a lack of standardisation to reporting, objectively defining the most pressing questions. With the WDI, however, ShareAction identifies the most material concerns and allows companies to best answer to shareholders and stakeholders.
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investors SUPPORT and reference WDI

WDI has strong investor support

Investors are increasingly adding pressure on companies to present ESG data. Being on top of your investors' ESG commitments helps you to anticipate and plan ahead with your reporting. With WDI, large investors are analysing data to determine where companies are best engaging with one of their greatest assets, their human capital.
See the WDI investor signatory list.

Want to know what commitments your investors have made? Our software can analyse your entire shareholder registry against investor commitments, to show you exactly what you need to prepare.