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A discussion with our Lead Designer

In your portfolio, you have previously designed an impressive array of different platforms and web designs. What is your workflow and process for developing Nossa Data’s product and giving it a distinctive identity?

The beginning of a Nossa Data initiative is exciting. The process starts with discovery. Working with our CEO and commercial team, and the insights they have gathered speaking to our customers, we identify and break down the problems our users are facing. 

From here, we can generate ideas and solutions, using methods like stakeholder conversations and whiteboard sessions. Once we’ve aligned as a team, I can flesh out these ideas using our design system and bring the interactions and UI together, ready for rounds of critique and feedback from the team. 

At this point, I can handoff to the developers and then see the feature come to life on our platform! Our process is cyclical, so we are always testing and seeking more user feedback on the features ship, allowing us to identify more problems, iterate, and provide the best possible experience for our customers.  

Prior to joining Nossa Data, you were working for another tech startup in design. What have been the main differences upon joining Nossa Data?

  • Upon joining Nossa Data, you were keen to have more of a lead role in design. What have you enjoyed most about being our lead designer?

In my previous role, I joined an early-stage startup as the second design hire. I learned a huge amount and grew a great deal as a designer thanks to great mentorship. Joining Nossa Data was about challenging myself, and also betting on myself, to be a lead designer and own the design function in a start-up. That’s the main difference really, the responsibility, but also what I enjoy most, to lead design on an exciting platform with a great team!

As a designer, what led you to apply your skills and knowledge to an ESG company like Nossa Data? 

I’m very mission driven, my previous role was in a health-tech startup with a strong mission. So with Nossa Data, I was drawn to both the mission and the ESG space. Being able to help companies better understand how they interact with people and the planet, and how they can improve year by year felt like something I wanted to be a part of, and something my skills would be a great fit for.

What is most important to you when designing a platform?

For me, usability and inclusivity are hugely important to designing a platform that helps people do the things they set out to do. It’s important the platform is easy to use, and also easy to learn, leaning on what our customers are used to and making sure the experience is as smooth as possible. With inclusivity, we want to ensure that our platform is accessible, and can be used by everyone regardless of things like geography or technology literacy, for example.

What are you looking forward to most in the next 6 months at Nossa Data? 

Seeing how our platform grows for sure! 6 months is a long time in product design, and you can achieve a lot and see your platform grow in so many ways. Our work on the Workforce Disclosure Initiative means we have lots of user insights and our product roadmap has really taken shape as a result, so being able to work on the new features and deliver for our customers is super exciting!

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