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A discussion with our ESG Integration Lead

When you first applied to work here, what made you initially interested in Nossa Data?

After graduating from university, I knew I was interested in corporate responsibility. A key part of responsibility is transparency, and so it wasn’t long before I learned of ‘ESG’ and began further looking into what this entailed. This then drove my interest in the ESG space and of the various sustainability frameworks that aim to achieve corporate transparency on a range of ESG issues. Nossa Data offered the opportunity to learn and grow with the company. I was drawn to a role where I’d be a part of a small team and feel that I was contributing to its mission to help companies navigate the ESG space as well as excel in ESG with efficiency.

Internships give you an opportunity to test out a company or industry. What key factors were behind you deciding that this role was the right fit for you to stay on permanently?

There were a few key factors that led me to accept a full-time role. The first was the team and I think this is probably the most important reason. Although you might be in the right industry, ultimately, it’s not just you working towards your own goal, it’s the whole team supporting one in a shared goal. I think culture is one of the most important things for employees, and this has certainly been highlighted by COVID-19. 

The second factor is closely linked. The internship was the first start-up in which I’ve had experience and it’s been great! I think the start-up environment is particularly welcoming of your ideas and feedback, it’s super exciting that you’re part of shaping a product. Also, I have a new appreciation for ad-hoc tasks, the multiple roles you might undertake within start-ups offer so many opportunities to learn new skills or adapt to a new way of thinking, especially in tech. So, I felt that I was well fitted to start-up dynamics.

Last but not least, I learned so much about ESG during my 6-month internship. ESG is constantly developing so it’s really exciting to be in the industry. I enjoy learning about the mechanisms in place to encourage corporate participation and performance as well as the challenges and problems that arise. Being a part of a solution to something you are passionate about always makes for an interesting and rewarding role.

Both within Nossa Data and externally, everyone has been impressed with the educational visuals you have been creating. What do you enjoy about creating these?

I like how I get a chance to be creative as well as learn. I’ve really discovered the importance of creativity in communication. I’m learning about the significance of colours and shapes when delivering information in a visual. It’s been an unexpected challenge to think about how I can present information in a way that will catch eyes. Creating visuals is quite different to my usual tasks, so I appreciate that I’m required to think in a different way. I have the information I want present, and then I’ve got to think about brand colours and images and spacing, etc.

Why is now a good time to get into the ESG space?

ESG is now mainstream but it’s still developing and evolving. There is still so much learning and problem-solving to happen in the industry. Whenever I read something in the news, I can usually always link it to ESG and that’s why I find it so interesting. ESG is not a completely new phenomena, nor does it have an expiry date, evaluating company risks and considering the wider impacts on society and the environment will/should always be on the agenda. ESG will continue to develop, evolve and stay relevant for as long as non-financial risks and global issues do.

What are you looking forward to in the next six months to a year with Nossa Data?

Definitely having more team members! I’m excited to see how the new hires will add to our team and our product. As for the product, I’m always excited to see how we can develop and add new features. We’re constantly listening to user feedback and company needs. These insights are what the company really values. I’m also looking forward to the opportunities that will no doubt arise in this time!

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