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A discussion with our Sales and Marketing Associate

You don’t have a typical academic background. What led you to the ESG space and made you interested in Nossa Data?

I've always had an interest in sustainability, having grown up with climate change being at the forefront of global politics & society. Environmental Philosophy was my favourite course at University, which focussed a lot on developments in corporate finance & sustainability. It's clear to see how companies already have a crucial impact on climate change & climate-related goals. Nossa Data is incredibly innovative & increases corporate capability to respond to ESG frameworks, enabling companies to improve their transparency & responsibility, which ultimately has an extremely positive impact on people & the planet.

What key factors were behind you deciding that this role was the right fit for you to stay on permanently?

Firstly, the really open & collaborative culture! At Nossa Data, everyone is moving towards the same goal, & so communication is always very direct, honest, & productive. I've learnt so much in such a short frame of time, which I'm in no doubt is due to everyone's willingness to help & share their expertise. I've also been incredibly happy to see how impactful our tool is, which in turn helps our clients to have a more positive impact themselves. It's great to feel part of the solution.

Why is now a good time to get into the ESG space?

The ESG space is growing rapidly, with ESG assets expected to reach over $50 trillion by 2025, a >100% increase since 2016. Consequently, companies face much more frequent investor requests & further scrutiny by stakeholders in environmental & social topics, so protecting your materiality & having your data prepared now will save so much time, stress, & resources down the line.

Is there a particular aspect of ESG that you are especially interested in solving and/or helping companies to address?

One thing I've really come to appreciate is just how costly & time-consuming it is to respond to ESG frameworks. In my opinion, this really detracts from the purpose of ESG as it puts companies off participating in disclosures & initiatives, which in turn negatively affects how transparent & outwardly responsible companies can/should be. I'm incredibly proud to be changing that narrative with Nossa Data!

What are you looking forward to in the next six months to a year with Nossa Data?

Tons of growth! I look forward to working with lots more clients across various industries, meeting more & more ESG professionals, & welcoming new team members!

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