Irina Dumitrescu

CTO & Co-Founder

Irina is the CTO at Nossa Data. Her background is in software development spending 4 years working at Google as a Site Reliability Engineer.

About our co-founder - Irina.

Irina is a Software Engineer with 4 years of experience working at Google, followed by consulting for an early-stage VC-backed Machine Learning startup. At Google Irina worked as a Site Reliability Engineer in Ads Frontend, being sometimes the first person of contact for outages or incidents with the API layers of large numbers of services in Ads, which bring in the majority of Alphabet’s revenue (AdSense, AdWords, DoubleClick, etc). This involved solving unique technical challenges across hundreds of big data services as well as being able to make quick decisions under pressure, for example by mitigating the user impact of an outage in minutes. She then worked as a Software Engineer in the Android OS, focusing on Enterprise security and networking features which improved the security of 2.5 billion Android devices.

Irina received a combined Bachelors & Masters Degree in Computing (Software Engineering) from Imperial College London, with a dissertation in automatic derivation of interpreters for imperative programming languages, based on the K framework for rewrite logic. She organised STEM talks for the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society, and launched their STEM Daring Circle for industry research collaborations on diversity and technology.

In her free time she is building an open source robotic farming project in her backyard, and practices her Spanish.