Streamline how you manage ESG

Whether your company is just getting started with ESG, or you are 10 years into your sustainability strategy - our technology can help. We use AI to understand exactly where you are at in terms of ESG data and show you insights to help you get to best in class ESG disclosure.

Our core features


End duplicative reporting. Report the same data across multiple standards

Data Management

All your qualitative and quantitative ESG data in a single hub


See how you compare to key competitors and sustainability leaders


AI driven insights that improve performance


Report to multiple data sets and standards

There is not yet one standard to rule them all in terms of ESG and sustainability reporting. Until that happens companies are required to report to multiple standards including SASB, TCFD and UNGC as well as respond to ad-hoc questionnaires from investors or other stakeholders.

We provide templates that save you time and protect you from duplicative work. We will show you how the top ESG standards map together and provide you suggested answers based off of your data for ESG questionnaires.
data management

All your ESG data in a single platform

Nossa Data serves as a hub for you to bring together both your qualitative and your quantitative ESG data points. We allow you to request data both individually and in groups from different places in your organization and we consolidate it in a central hub.
Peer benchmarking

Know how you compare to key competitors

Our easy to use visualisations make it clear how you are doing compared to key competitors and others in your industry. We compare your ESG dataset to the companies that are most similar to you across hundreds of ESG topics to show you where you are excelling and where you are falling short in your competitive landscape.

We even map these methodologies to those of the top rating agencies.
investor analysis

Understand your investor expectations

Investors are putting an increasingly amount of pressure on companies to disclose ESG data. It is important for companies to know the ESG commitments their investors are making so you can plan ahead.

Our software can analyse your entire shareholder registry against investor commitments to show you exactly what you need to be preparing for.
Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have answers

Don't see an answer to your question? We are always happy to talk. Email us at

How can I start using your software?

When you request a demo we aim to understand your ESG needs and see if you are a good fit for our software. If it is a match, we can get you and your team set up in a couple of weeks.

What is your pricing?

Our pricing depends on the exact features that you would like to use within our software. We have a flexible pricing structure that can cater to all sizes of organizations and budgets. We are also currently offering proof of concept contracts to help you test our features.

There is a feature I want, can you build it?

Have an idea for a feature that is currently missing? We like building alongside our clients. We can work together to make sure Nossa Data is an ESG product you love.

Who do you typically work with?

We work with both private and public companies at all stages of their ESG journeys. Typically we are working with teams and departments that sit across investor relations, sustainability, general council and corporate communications.

Do you work with investors too?

We do not currently work with investors. We are focused on building our product for companies. We would be happy if you suggest your software to any of your portfolio companies. You can also join our investor waitlist by entering information here.

I still want more information...

If you still want more information to understand if our product is right for you, book a demo! We can make time to go over any specific questions you may have about our product and how we can help your organization with ESG.

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