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Renewables 2024 Global Status Report Key Highlights

The Renewables 2024 Global Status Report provides a comprehensive overview of the current uptake of renewables on a global scale. It aims to highlight ongoing developments, emerging trends, and key achievements in the renewable energy sector. The report also seeks to identify challenges and opportunities in the renewable energy landscape, with a focus on policy, investment, finance, and economic and social value creation.

Key findings of the report include:

- In 2023, global additions to renewable power capacity increased an estimated 36% to reach 473 GW, setting a new record for the 22nd consecutive year.

- Renewable energy accounted for 86% of power capacity additions in 2023.

- Renewables represented just 12.9% of total final energy consumption in 2022, indicating the need for further progress.

- At the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Dubai, 130 countries pledged to triple renewable energy capacity and double the annual rate of energy efficiency improvements by 2030.

- Employment in the renewables sector increased by 8% in 2022, reaching 13.7 million jobs.

- The number of people lacking electricity access globally fell from 756 million in 2022 to 745 million in 2023.

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