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Refinitiv assesses companies’ relative ESG performance and capacity; the assessments are tailored to account for industry materiality and capacity. Refinitiv ESG scores are derived from more than 630 data points, ratios, and analytics spread across 10 main themes, aiming to measure a company’s relative performance on fundamental ESG attributes, commitment, and effectiveness across ESG factors

Scope & Adoption

Refinitiv scores are designed to transparently and objectively measure a company’s relative ESG performance based on publicly-reported data, covering key themes such as human rights, innovation, and shareholders among others. Refinitiv claims to have ESG scores for over 12,500 global companies, including the world's largest indices such as S&P 500, FTSE500, and NASDAQ 100.  

Why it Matters

Achieving a strong Refinitiv ESG score is particularly important as it sets the precedent for success amongst other ESG rating agencies. Being one of the best at data collection, Refinitiv sells their data to other rating agencies, signalling to companies that a strong Refinitiv score also means their public data is getting picked up by other rating agencies too.

Scoring & How to report

Companies are scored from 0 (low) to 100 (high), split into four quartiles: First (0-25), Second (25-50), Third (50-75), Fourth (75-100). Additionally, companies are given an individual score across 10 main themes, also scored out of 100. The three ESG pillar scores are calculated using a weighted average relative rating.

Refinitiv with Nossa Data

Through Nossa Data’s Materiality Mapping feature, firms can analyse any document (i.e., Sustainability Report) through AI to measure and assess how they perform for key ESG topics. As Refinitiv heavily uses AI to measure companies’ ESG performance, Nossa Data’s Materiality Mapping feature is a strong indicator of the documents data visibility, helping identify areas for score improvement and benchmarking against peers.

Additionally, Nossa Data can upload policies to the Refinitiv contribute portal, and suggest to clients what they can do to plug any gaps

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