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EFRAG Launches Public Consultation on the Draft XBRL Taxonomy for ESRS Set 1

EFRAG launches its public consultation on the Draft XBRL Taxonomy for ESRS Set 1 and consults on the draft XBRL Taxonomy for Article 8 disclosures.

The digital taxonomies enable the marking up ('tagging') of sustainability reporting in machine-readable XBRL format. The consultation period will run until 8 April 2024, and EFRAG invites all stakeholders to provide comments through online consultation questionnaires here:

The downloadable resources accompanying the announcement include:

  • PDF Illustrative examples of XBRL reports: These examples showcase how XBRL tagging is applied to ESRS Set 1 disclosures, demonstrating the implementation of the taxonomy in machine-readable format and practical illustrations.
  • An Excel file of the XBRL Taxonomy with all ESRS data points: This Excel file contains the comprehensive taxonomy structure, including XBRL elements (tags) for each data point and dimensional disaggregation defined in the ESRS disclosure requirements. It serves as a detailed reference for understanding the taxonomy framework.

Read the full announcement here: 

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