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Accountability Framework Initiative (AFi) updated their methodology for Assessment of Progress Towards Deforestation and Conversion-Free Supply Chains

A framework for addressing deforestation, conversion, and human rights in the agriculture and forestry sectors.

The Accountability Framework Initiative (AFi) is a non-profit organisation offering companies a guide for implementing and monitoring commitments to deforestation, ecosystem conversion and human rights in ethical supply chains. The Accountability Framework seeks to standardise how stakeholders evaluate corporate performance on these topics.

In mid January 2024, AFi released its updated version of the Methodology for Assessment of Progress Towards Deforestation- and Conversion-Free Supply Chains. The methodology provides a set of recommended metrics that can be used to assess a company on its policies regarding deforestation, ecosystem conversion and human rights. The methodology was developed in collaboration with key stakeholders including the CDP and WWF. In recent news, the AFi has also contributed to the GRI 101: Biodiversity 2024, the most recent Topic Standard of the GRI.

Access the Common Methodology forAssessment of ProgressTowards Deforestation- andConversion-Free Supply Chains report here.

Access the full Accountability Framework here.

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